Basics: Stances (18 Forms)

In this lesson, you can learn how to form and exercise the stances for Tai Chi exercise. As one of the basics, stances are very important for the learning and exercise of the Tai Chi. Here you can find some basic stances. By following the videos, you can learn and master these common stances.

The text below can help you to understand more and remember the sequence of the steps of the movements. After you can remember the movements, you can improve the movements by following requirements below.

Open Stance:

Open Stance: Front View

Open Stance : Side View

Bow Stance (Left-Right Side):

Bow Stance (Left-Right Side): Front View

Bow Stance (Left-Right Side): Back View

Bow Stance (Front-Back):

Bow Stance (Front-Back): Front View

Bow Stance (Front-Back) : Side View

Horse Stance:

Horse Stance: Front View

Horse Stance: Side View

Half Horse Stance:

Half Horse Stance: Front View

Half Horse Stance: Side View

Sitting Stance:

Sitting Stance: Front View

Sitting Stance: Side View

Cross Stance:

Cross Stance: Front View

Cross Stance: Side View

Empty Stance:

Empty Stance: Front View

Empty Stance: Side View