Part 2: Old Form 1 (Sample)

In this lesson, you can learn all movements of Part 2 of Chen’s Tai Chi Old Form 1, including 13 movements (movement 16 – 28).

Generally, there are three videos for each movement. There are different purposes for each clip of the videos. First, you can learn and understand the details of the movements from the Explanation video. Secondly, it is easier to remember the movements step-by-step from the videos with the order. The text below can help you to understand more and remember the sequence of the steps of the movements. Furthermore, after you can remember the movements, you can try to exercise the movements smoothly with strong feeling of the Qi by following the videos of the Demo. Requirements below are very helpful to understand the more details of the movements. You may also find the basic applications for the most of the movements. It can help you to learn and exercise the movements more accurately.

Movement 16: Leaning Body Punch


With Order: Front View

Demo: Front View

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