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PROMOTION during outbreak of coronavirus: 1 or 2 more FREE classes except the ONE main class. By CLICK the title of class below, you can go the class page to join the online class and watch class videos recorded.

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10:00-10:55Qigong4 Seasons Health: Winter
Body Conditioning Program
11:00-11:55 Chen Taichi: Old Form 1
Afternoon12:00-12:55 (NEW!)
Chen Taichi: New Form 1
13:00-13:55 Chen Taichi: Old Form 1Chen Taichi: Old Form 2Chen Taichi: Beginners
14:00-14:55 (NEW!)
Qigong: Insomnia
Chen Taichi: Sword
Evening19:00-19:55 Chen Taichi: Old Form 1 Chen Taichi: Old Form 2 Chen Taichi: Beginners

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*We may adjust the schedule without prior notice. Please check it before you join the classes.
*We start or close some classes depending on attendance.
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Notes: For digital materials, you can download the videos to your cell, computer etc. or you can watch course videos online streaming.