Chen’s Tai Chi: Old Form 1

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About 400 years ago Chen’s Tai Chi was created by Grandmaster Chen Wangting in Chen village (Chenjagou), in Henan Provence, China. Chen’s Tai Chi is the parent form of all other Tai Chi forms. This ancient soft relaxed exercise is well famous for reducing stress, increasing balance, adjusting blood pressure and improving general health. More than a century later Grand Master Chen Changxing, 14th generation descendant of the Chen family, created two routines, Old Form (Frame) One and Old Form Two. This Old Form One is very good for feeling and training the Qi (internal energy) which leads and controls the whole physical body. The spiral rotation of the Qi will produce the Peng, special expending force, consisting of soft and hard strength.

As an 11th generation direct-line inheritor of Chen’s Taichi, Grand Master Chen Zhenglei is an 19th generation descendant of the Chen’s family. He is officially accredited with the title of “China’s Top Ten Contemporary Martial Arts Masters”. He began his martial arts training at an early age with Grand Master Chen Zhaopi and Grand Master Chen Zhaokui. For over 30 years, with hard work and diligence, he mastered the complete Chen’s Taichi system at a high level and earned the honor title of “Taichi Jingang”.