Chen’s Tai Chi Sword

As the oldest Chen’s Tai Chi weapon routine, Chen’s Tai Chi sword routine has been practiced for a few hundred years.  With clear and specific sword techniques, this traditional sword routine is very good one to learn how to transfer Qi (Internal Energy) to the tip of weapon.  After you learn and master the movements and routine very well, you will understand and know how to perform like flowing water and cloud without pause.

You may find several video medias of two routines of sword here. The first one is sword 18 forms for beginners. Another one is a traditional routine containing 49 movements. There are basics, whole routine, each part of routine, follow me with order or demo etc. Master Leon Xu explains in details and shows each movement in steps in front and side view with orders and demo. You can understand and learn each movement of Chen’s Tai Chi sword very easily and fast.

Chen’s Tai Chi Sword Routines

There are two courses here for you to choose. The first course is sword 18 forms for beginners. The other one is sword 49 forms. All of them contain basics, sword basic techniques, all parts of whole routine, Step-by-step Follow Me routines with order or demo.

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Sword 18 Forms

Including two parts of whole routine, it is easy to learn and practice.

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Sword 49 Forms

With six parts, it is good traditional Tai Chi weapon exercise for everyone.

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