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For Health and Wellness

This category of courses are designed to improve your general health and wellness. Course videos include three compact forms & the full Chen’s Tai Chi Essential 18 Form. Each video includes traditional Chen’s Tai Chi basics, including Hands, Stances, Steps, Joint Warm Up, Spiral Rotation exercises as well as complete, easy to follow detailed instructions on the chosen form.

Health with Compact 6 Form

Health with Compact 6 Form

Very short simple form is easier for you to learn and follow to have a peach mind

Health with Compact 12 Formitle

Health with Compact 12 Form

An easy-to-learn design is for master the soft routine to improve health.

Health with Compact 16 Forme

Health with Compact 16 Form

Soft and powerful moves provide a good way to get more internal balance.

Health with Compact 18 Form

Health with Compact 18 Form

Well known beginner form is also well known for relaxation and refreshment.

Compact Routines

No big place for Tai Chi exercise? The routines below are designed for exercise in areas as small as 4 feet by 4 feet or 7 feet by 7 feet. Three levels of routines include primary level Compact 6 Form, Intermediate level Compact 12 Form with soft movements, and advanced level Compact 16 Form with soft and hard movements with explosive power. All movements of these 3 compact routines are chosen from well famous traditional long routine, Old Form 1 (74 movements).  Step-by-step Follow Me routines in normal and mirror image view are included also.

Health with Compact 6 Form

Compact 6 Form

Including only six movements it is easy to learn and repeat anywhere.

Health with Compact 12 Formitle

Compact 12 Form

With soft movements, it is suitable for everyone in small place.

Health with Compact 16 Forme

Compact 16 Form

Coming with explosive power movements to improve health faster.

Popular Traditional Routines

This Chen’s Tai Chi Essential 18 forms is very good routine for Tai Chi beginners to learn and improve health, balalce and relaxation. Chen’s Tai Chi Old Form One is a well known routine for feeling and training the Qi (internal energy) which leads and controls the whole physical body. The spiral rotation of the Qi will produce the Peng, special expending force, consisting of soft and hard strength.

Health with Compact 6 Form

Essential 18 Form

Not only for the health, but for learning and understanding original style Tai Chi, Chen’s family style.

Health with Compact 12 Formitle

Old Form 1

With slow and fast, soft and powerful movements, this traditional routine is famous for Qi and long healthy life.

Chen’s Tai Chi Sword Routines

There are two courses here for you to choose. The first course is sword 18 forms for beginners. The other one is sword 49 forms. All of them contain basics, sword basic techniques, all parts of whole routine, Step-by-step Follow Me routines with order or demo.

Health with Compact 6 Form

Sword 18 Forms

Including two parts of whole routine, it is easy to learn and practice.

Health with Compact 12 Formitle

Sword 49 Forms

With six parts, it is good traditional Tai Chi weapon exercise for everyone.

Bundle Courses

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Health with Compact 6 Form

Total Bundle:
All Courses

This bundle includes all available course videos online.

CAD $199.95 for every year

Health with Compact 12 Formitle

Follow Me Bundle

Includes “Follow Me” in normal & mirror image routines of all routines

CAD $63.95 for every year