Health with Essential 18 Form

Chen’s Tai Chi basics, including Hands, Stances, Steps, Joint Warm Up, Spiral Rotation exercises are included in this course for the health and wellness. There are four parts in whole routine of Chen’s Tai Chi Essential 18 Forms. Combined with soft and hard movements with explosive power, it is very good routine for everyone to learn and exercise to increase balance and fitness. You can do all basics and routine exercise in areas as small as 7 feet by 7 feet (2m by 2m) anywhere.


  • Lesson 1: Chen’s Tai Chi basics: Hands, Stances, Footwork.
  • Lesson 2: Chen’s Tai Chi basics: Warm Up.
  • Lesson 3: Chen’s Tai Chi basics: Spiral Rotation.
  • Lesson 4: Part 1 of Essential 18 Form.
  • Lesson 5: Part 2 of Essential 18 Form.
  • Lesson 6: Part 3 of Essential 18 Form.
  • Lesson 7: Part 4 of Essential 18 Form.

Master Leon Xu explains movements in detail and show the movements in steps. The demo videos are very helpful to feel more internal energy. Master Leon Xu shows each movement in front and side views. You can understand and learn each movement of this form very easily and quickly.

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Health with Compact 18 Form

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