Tai Chi Every Day Keeps Virus Away!

If you isolate yourself at home keeping away Coronavirus, you have more time to try these 8 free Tai Chi courses below. You may choose different course in the playlist. Tai Chi can strengthen immune system in your body. Then this immunity boosted can fight and kill viruses, like cold and flu viruses, also corona virus.

For this purpose, we design this easy, simple training courses for you to learn and exercise Chen’s Tai Chi for your health. These courses include Warm Up, Rotation exercise and Compact Routine 6 Forms which is designed for small place.

Now, let us start and enjoy these FREE courses!

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with Master Leon Xu

Master Leon Xu

From the age of 7, Master Leon (Li) Xu began to study Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu in China. Master Leon Xu participated in many championships and tournaments of Wushu and Kung Fu in China.
o More than 30 years experience of teaching Tai Chi and Martial Arts.
o 12th Generation disciple of Chen’s Tai Chi Inheritor, One of In-Door Disciples of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei
o 8th Generation Wu’s Baji Quan Inheritor, One of Disciples of Grand Master Wu Lianzhi.
o 7th Duan in Chinese Wushu
o Many championship holder of Tai Chi, and Kung Fu
o 1st class judge of China National Wushu
o director of “Chen’s Tai Chi Association – Eastern Canada”

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What is Tai Chi and its Health Benefits

Tai Chi is a very famous traditional exercise that is suitable for everyone. It consists of soft, slow movements and is known to improve many aspects of health. Tai Chi is not only a physical exercise, but internal energy training.

  • Reduce the Stress
  • Increase Balance
  • Adjust Blood Pressure
  • Relieve from Diabetes
  • Improve Arthritis Conditions
  • Enhance Heart Conditions