Joint Warm Up: 18 Forms

In this lesson, you can learn how to warm up most joints of our body, and get whole body ready for Tai Chi exercise. After you learn and know how to do the movements, you can follow your own pace and speed. For some movements, just do whatever you can depending on your comfortable feeling. Try not to overdo that movement. Just skip the specific joint warm up if you can not do it.

The text below can help you to understand more and remember the sequence of the steps of the movements. After you can remember the movements, you can try to exercise the movements smoothly by following requirements below.

Rotate the Neck:

Rotate Neck: Front View

Rotate Neck: Side View

Rotate the Wrists:

Rotate Wrists: Front View

Rotate Wrists: Side View

Rotate the Elbows:

Rotate Elbows: Front View

Rotate Elbows: Side View

Rotate the Shoulders:

Rotate Shoulders: Front View

Rotate Shoulders: Side View

Rotate the Arms:

Rotate Arms: Front View

Rotate Arms: Side View

Open the Chest, Stretch the Arms:

Open Chest & Stretch Arms: Front View

Open Chest & Stretch Arms: Side View

Swing the Arms & Pat the Body:

Swing Arms & Pat Body: Front View

Swing Arms & Pat Body: Side View

Twist the Waist:

Twist Waist: Front View

Twist Waist: Side View

Rotate the Hips:

Rotate Hips: Front View

Rotate Hips: Side View

Rotate the Knees:

Rotate Knees: Front View

Rotate Knees: Side View

Rotate the Ankles:

Rotate Ankles: Front View

Rotate Ankles: Side View